All about Miss Cheyenne

by Nene

Miss Cheyenne is a staff at Jane Boyd in Group C. She is nice and she does nice stuff for us.

At Jane Boyd she takes us in the gym, computer lab, and the insitive room. Right now in class we are doing this reading thing and if we get 800 words or above we get a gift card or something. Also we have to do homework time everyday and of course most kids don’t like. We have different things to do everyday.

I have lots of friends in Group C. Some are Lynice, Desyre, Cloe, and Cassdy. But in the other classes i have friends too. At Jane Boyd there are clubs like Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, torturing, YMCA camp stuff.

…Now back to Cheyenne. A sad thing is happening soon, Cheyenne is moving to Nebraska. We will miss her very much.