Animals in the Sea

By: Mia Hatcher

Some people might think that when you dissect a pregnant fish, that it wont do any harm to the population of fish. But you are wrong. When you dissect a pregnant fish you ruin about 1,000 babies, in the fish body. I know from expierience. I have seen about three fish that were pregnant die.

In Japan they are killing hump- back whales for little things like whale oil, some of the meat, and for teeth. They also, throw the rest of the whale back into the sea.Little do they know that hump- back whales are getting extincted.

In the ocean, oil spills occur. They happen unexpectedly. A boat might hit a  iceberg and spill oil. The oil spills have dangered a lot of birds, fish and other animals. They have special people to come clean the animals off.

In the sea there are still a ton of beautiful things. Like when the sun is setting and you just look out to the water and you see the beutiful reflection of the sun! I love to look out and see it! I always think that to relax yourself that you should look in the water and see the beautiful creatures swimming around like they have all the time in the world.