Aviation Day-written by t.j.(facts by brandon)

Tuesday August 19th is Aviation Day.

Did you know Franklin Roosevelt founded Aviation Day on Orville Wright’s birthday??

Orville and Wilbur Wright created the first airplane.

On June 2011, K.L.M. flew the first passenger-flight powered by bio-fuel.

95.7% of people involved in plane crashes survive??

The 747-400, the most common passenger airplane in service, is the fastest airliner in service.

The massive four-engine-double-decker airbus a380 is the world’s largest passenger plane.

The A-225 cargo jet is the plane that holds the record of 418,834 pounds, and the payload of 559,577 pounds, the weight of 20 city buses.

Monday in Kidz Korner, we made airplanes and had a contest to see whose airplane went the farthest. Brandon’s airplane won. His airplane is small, but it is fast and goes far. He found the directions for his airplane on Youtube.

Facts courtesy of Discovery.com