What I did at Jane Boyd

My favorite thing is going to the pool on Friday. I jump in the pool it was freezing at first. I get something there ever time from the concession stand. I got a snickers, popcorn, and a kit kat. -Brandon

My favorite thing that I did at Jane Boyd was hanging out with group A because they think it’s funny to attack my bestie and I. We hung out with them Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 12:00-4:30. When we were hanging out with them we went outside and played tag, when we went back in their classroom we tickled them and they kept wanting to be picked up. -Brianna

My favorite things I did last week were going to the movies and the pool. The reason why the movies were fun was because I bought lots of snacks.The movie was the Nut Job but i had already seen it before so I was not really into the movie. The pool was fun too because it was hot so  the pool was refreshing.What i did at the pool was hang out with friends and go down the slide a couple of times. -Jaquese