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Chris’s Story

Jane boyd is a fun place where kids can have fun so kids can have a good time also kids can go to the computer lab to play games, The incentive room to play legos, playstation and the gym to run around the gym, play knockout, lightning ,color tag, shoot hoops, vollyball, soccer, and other stuff to do in the gym. There are group rooms to do activities in group a, group b group c, and  group d to do fun activities and do fun afterschool activities to do freetime and homework.

hoilday parties

At  JANE BOYD  we do parties for example Christmas party. I remember it was like yesterday. Cookies, cheese sticks and so much more. Everyone was happy ok maybe some people were but it’s ok at least they had fun ! I hope there would be a Saint patty’s day party. And mostly every week feels like a party because of fun FRIDAY! We do art and crafts, gym time and computer lab. And at JANE BOYD we do activities in the gym like color tag and LBA . LBA is a thing we do mostly Wednesday it is basketball but it’s really fun! And we do other actives like  nutrition and heath  and other activities and all sorts of stuff. And soon the Easter egg  hunt, I wonder will I find the paper golden ticket or the sliver paper ticket. I cant wait to go outside here I hope it will be really fun ! And soon Spring break.  I hope we can try to go to bender pool or have a movie day! I hope soon we can do that stuff ! Or even bowling that would be fun or even take a field trip to one of them.That would be cool  and fun !          # JANEBOYD is number 1

Animals in the Sea

By: Mia Hatcher

Some people might think that when you dissect a pregnant fish, that it wont do any harm to the population of fish. But you are wrong. When you dissect a pregnant fish you ruin about 1,000 babies, in the fish body. I know from expierience. I have seen about three fish that were pregnant die.

In Japan they are killing hump- back whales for little things like whale oil, some of the meat, and for teeth. They also, throw the rest of the whale back into the sea.Little do they know that hump- back whales are getting extincted.

In the ocean, oil spills occur. They happen unexpectedly. A boat might hit a  iceberg and spill oil. The oil spills have dangered a lot of birds, fish and other animals. They have special people to come clean the animals off.

In the sea there are still a ton of beautiful things. Like when the sun is setting and you just look out to the water and you see the beutiful reflection of the sun! I love to look out and see it! I always think that to relax yourself that you should look in the water and see the beautiful creatures swimming around like they have all the time in the world.


The Great Penny Drive

By Liam and shellby

The penny dive is very intristing. Janeboyd is teamed up with all the groups head to head. Everybody knows its on for the pizza. I wonder Who will win the glory and pizza!!!

 In it to win it.



by olyvia / lynice

once we found out that the new playground is going to be built we were happy.   but in october  me and olyvia found out we were happy the new playground was build.  it was tall , cool, shiny,  we loved playing on the new playground me and olyvia had fun I mean relly relly fun until me and olyvia had to go home It was so much I almose wanted to stay but my mom said no because we are going to gat Jimmy jhons I had so much fun you should go to jane boyd its relly fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they should name the playground the fun playground

grantwood preschoolers

by desyre,kloey  At grantwood the preschoolers are comming. They arrived the 2nd week of school.  We get to help the children on some days of school.Their room are downstairs by the secert door that leads to the gym.So we got to build a colorful playground for them.


the new play ground

by Liam and kaleb.

Our new playground huge fun and Awsome. Also it is better then our old playground. Although I wish it had a tire swing. Im glad I helped build the playground.  I wish it 2X bigger than it is now, that would be AWSOME. Even though its not done drying or something it’ll be AWSOME. #AWSOME it’ll be AWSOME. I know I’ll be happy to play on that playground of the AWSOME-NESS.

Reading Contest

At Jane Boyd in group c we are doing a reading contest. And the first person to get 50 yards is Liam. He is close to winning the prize/contest. The winner gets to pick the prize that they get. The next person  that is  in 2nd place  is Shellby ann. The contest is against group b c and d…… but group d hasnt been particeapating very much. Cassady is in 3rd place to get the prize.and that is the contest in group c.   ………..THE END

New Playground!

I like the new playground because I know it will be huge, colorful,  and a blast to play on! We are hoping new swings, climbing equipment, and tire swing. some parents like my mom are going to volunteer to help build the play ground. My mom is going to help, probably with some friends. We hope the playground won’t take long to build. We have no playground in the front, were bored.

We want to enjoy the fall breeze in that playground, I can already feel the breeze

Pumpkin Contest

by Desyre & Lynice

Jane Boyd is having a Halloween party. And in the party there will be an pumkin carving contest. 1st place winner will get an 25 dollar gift card, 2nd place will get a 10 dollar gift card, and 3rd place will get 5 dollar gift card. It is hosted by Erin O’Halloran.