Fear Factor-Darnell

Last week on Monday held a Fear Factor competition at the Jane Boyd Community Center. Kids met in the lunch room and they lined up against the wall and sat at lunch tables, while Mrs.Erin was setting up the food to eat.

They ate spaghetti o with soy sauce, beans,pineapple with ketchup and vienna sausage with musterd.Group b went first went first because group a did’t show up. The winner of group b was Braelyn. Group c went next and the winner was Desire. Group d went third and the winner was Jediah. Group e went four and the winner was Jaquese. The final round was we take all the winners and make them eat a little bit of everything mix together. The winner Jediah.

It was nasty. Why i thought it was nasty is because they basically mix randow stuff together.

What i did during Fear Factory was taking pictures while the kids eat the nasty food and make funny faces.I moved around the room and took pictures of everyone who competted in the Fear Factory.