hoilday parties

At  JANE BOYD  we do parties for example Christmas party. I remember it was like yesterday. Cookies, cheese sticks and so much more. Everyone was happy ok maybe some people were but it’s ok at least they had fun ! I hope there would be a Saint patty’s day party. And mostly every week feels like a party because of fun FRIDAY! We do art and crafts, gym time and computer lab. And at JANE BOYD we do activities in the gym like color tag and LBA . LBA is a thing we do mostly Wednesday it is basketball but it’s really fun! And we do other actives like  nutrition and heath  and other activities and all sorts of stuff. And soon the Easter egg  hunt, I wonder will I find the paper golden ticket or the sliver paper ticket. I cant wait to go outside here I hope it will be really fun ! And soon Spring break.  I hope we can try to go to bender pool or have a movie day! I hope soon we can do that stuff ! Or even bowling that would be fun or even take a field trip to one of them.That would be cool  and fun !          # JANEBOYD is number 1