Ice Cream Cone Day

Today is Ice Cream Cone day. On Monday, Group A came to the computer lab with Devon and Miss Sandy. When they got here, they sat and Miss Shelby talked to them about ice cream cones. She asked them their favorite ice cream and toppings.

Next, Group A sat on the floor and drew ice cream cones. Some drew strawberry, some drew banana and all the ice creams you could think of they drew.

After that, they sat and smiled when I took their picture holding their paper, and then, Miss Shelby taped the paper on the wall. She took a picture of everyone in front of the wall with the papers.

It was fun and funny because Group A is funny and it is fun to work with them. Group A has nice kids and I get to help them with everything they need help with, and make sure they be quiet and listen to teachers and make sure they have fun with Brianna.