nick-my job

My job started 3 weeks ago. I having been wanting a job for years ,but finally I have one. I make pretty good money for my first job. I am very glad. The main job I do is unbox clothes. It is okay, but some of my days are long and some go by fast. I love it when it goes fast. There are many nice people. There is somthing  to do all the time. Most of the time it is back and forth. I really recommend you to get a job sooner than I did. Most jobs will hire you at age forteen. I started when I was sixteen. It is a good way to save for future things that you may need, like a car or paying people back. When you have your own money, it feels good, because you know you worked for that money. My job gives something to do through out the summer. It will really keeps you occupied in the summer. I think it is fun. When I grow up, I want to own my own company; I hope it will grow. Maybe I will own a shoe company. I think it would be hard to own your own company. Your company may or may not grow. I think you can be rich if you own your own company with it growing or increaseing a lot.I really don’t know what my company will make. It seems like most of the money you make will go for rent.