Peter-cross country

I start cross country today. We run 2-6 miles the first few weeks, and then we run 6-9 miles a day.It is so much fun, and you should go out for it because its worth it.

During a meet we run 3.1 miles, that’s a 5k.

It’s harder than you think. It’s hard because you want to beat people ahead of you, but sometimes your tired, and you can’t keep up with them. When you have enough energy, then you run as hard as possible and you pass them. You keep trying to beat the people ahead of you till the end of the race. It’s a good feeling when you’re done, because when you’re in the race it feels like you have been running forever.

I got new shoes but they’re Asic. Normally I have Nike. I wasn’t with my parents when they got them, so they got Asics instead of Nike. It’s ok, because I like them and they’re very comfortable.

This year there is over 50 kids. Last year, there was only 25. In only 2 years, it doubled; that’s really cool. I’m on JV this year, but next year when the seniors leave I will be on varsity, I can’t wait till that happens.

My best mile time is 20:20 for 3.0 miles, a 5K, that was at CPU, Center Point Urbana Elementry School.