Family Support Workers

Providing a safe and stable home for your children is very important to you as a parent. We know you want to be able to consistently achieve this goal on your own.

The Jane Boyd Family Support Workers (FSW) program gives you skills, support and resources to help you reach this goal. The program is free. In order to join, you will need to invest your time to allow us to invest in your future.

Can I Join?

You can sign up for FSW if you:

  • Are willing to commit to meet regularly with a Community Services Specialist.
  • Live in Cedar Rapids.

How FSW Works

You’ll partner with a Community Service Specialist.

Identify Family Strengths

Your worker will help you set realistic goals for success.

We’ll Help You Look at Available Options

Options within Jane Boyd, Four Oaks and other community options will be considered.

This Service Is Available At No Charge

The only thing we need is your involvement.

You Will Have Regular Meetings with Your Specialist

We will make sure this program is a success for you and your family.