what i did last week-Jaquese

What Idid last week was go to the movies on Wednesday.The movie was Rio 2 the movie was allright but I would not want to see it again for a while. I don’t like seeing movies that I have already seen; there is no point when I have already seen it, but Rio 2 was fun to watch. Rio 2 is about Blue Macaws becoming extinct, but they found them on a trip to the Amazon. Then she found her dad, and then Blue was worried because he didn’t want to stay there. Blue was used to the city. They had fun. The birds formed an alliance because people were trying to tear down the Amazon Forest.

I wanted to come Thursday  because they went swimming with group D And got ice cream too. Usually we would go swimming on Friday but Jane Boyd was closed for training.

On Friday, I was at home and played my xbox for four hours. 7-11. Then my grandma picked me up, and we helped my aunt move. She goes to UNI and she just graduated; she lived in Cedar Falls, so we moved her all the way to Davenport. It is two hours away.

It was a good week.