About Us


Welcome to the Jane Boyd Community House. We’ve been around a long time and have helped guide kids and their families. Children step through our doors and jump right into some fun programs and learn how to be responsible. We have after-school and all-day summer activities where kids get computer skills, homework help and nutritional snacks. We have places where they can stretch – like a big gymnasium and dance room. When they come to Jane Boyd they get a chance to contribute and be creative. But most of all, your kids will be safe.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the academic, emotional and social well-being of children and families in our diverse community with programs focused on developing successful and productive adults.

A Place for Families and Kids

We’re committed to the Cedar Rapids community and focused on opportunities for families and neighborhoods that help children become successful.

Family Support & Education

Family Support Workers have a home at Jane Boyd.  They help dozens and dozens of families each day throughout Linn County who are homeless, having trouble staying in a home or need a safe home.  They also work with families to improve their parenting skills and family income. Family Support Workers can also lend a hand to families as they talk with Department of Human Services or Juvenile Court Services.