Mark & Alexia: A Jane Boyd Love Story

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Jane Boyd will always hold a special place in Mark Taylor’s heart. It is where he spent a lot of time in his youth and teenage years, was a place of employment for him for three years, and most significantly was where he met his wife.

As a young boy, Mark participated in Jane Boyd’s Head Start program and other summer programming.

“Jane Boyd gave me a safe place to be when my parents were at work,” Mark said.

He remembers the day very clearly, when he first met his wife Alexia. Both of them were attending Jane Boyd’s summer camp.

“The first time I met my wife, she came to Jane Boyd’s summer camp wearing a cow boy hat and I thought that was so cool,” Mark said. “We hung out a lot during camp but didn’t talk during the school year. I knew from the first time I met her that I liked her.”

Mark and Alexia eventually started dating and later married. They went on to have three children, Amara, Ayla, and Ward, who also attended Jane Boyd.

Mark said that his time at Jane Boyd had a big impact on his life.

“I had a safe place to go as a youth with elderly people who genuinely cared about me,” Mark said. “I had the chance to listen to their life experiences and that helped me to change my viewpoint on the world. It also helped me to decide on what I wanted to do in my life.”

Mark now works as an Engagement Specialist at Johnson STEAM Academy and is still happily married to his wife of 24 years.

“I went to Jane Boyd as a kid and met the most amazing lady who I now call my wife and the mother of my children,” Mark said. “Jane Boyd is a great community program.”

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