Parents as Teachers (PAT)

As a parent, you’re the most important person in your child’s life. Your children learn from you every day. You have the power to help them grow and do well in life – and we’re here to back you up.

The Jane Boyd Parents as Teachers (PAT) program gives you skills and tools to help raise your kids into healthy, successful adults. The program is free. If you join, you need to invest your time to get the best results.

Can I Join?

You can sign up for PAT if you:

  • Have a child between the ages of birth and the start of kindergarten
  • Are expecting a baby
  • Want to learn skills to help your children grow

How PAT Works

You’ll work with a Parent Educator who will support you and your family in these ways:

Home Visits

Your educator will work with you in your home, helping you learn the Parents as Teachers “Born to Learn” teaching tools.

Developmental Handouts

You’ll receive written information about your child’s development for you to use between visits.


Screenings will happen yearly – or more often if needed – to give you information about how your child is developing important life, school, social and emotional skills.

Group Meetings

You’ll have the chance to meet with other parents to share experiences and discuss parenting and child development topics. You can also take part in fun activities.

Community Resources

Your Parent Educator can connect you to services in the community not offered by PAT.